December 18, 2020 Public Contract

Message from the Chair

Wishing You and Yours a Happy Holiday & New Year

The end of 2020 approaches. Looking back we faced a number of challenges, but we accomplished a lot of good. Many in the public contracting sector found ourselves working hard to address pandemic challenges of all shapes and sizes. Some helped the government and industrial base gear up to obtain much needed PPE equipment and supplies, to set up and implement Operation WARP SPEED, the manufacturing of ventilators, and many other efforts to develop innovative vaccines and treatments to battle the pandemic. Others in government and private practice worked to facilitate efforts to provide much needed relief to small and large businesses, nonprofits, and individuals impacted by COVID-related matters.

Still others worked to bring about a more secure defense industrial base, through increased cybersecurity andsupply chain risk management efforts. Some worked on ensuring that election equipment and facilities could be used safely and securely. And many continued to work on the procurements, contract administration, compliance, protests, claims, audits, investigations, litigation, and many more matters that are hallmarks of our public contracting practices. To those who worked on some or all of these THANK YOU! Thank you for coming to work every day to ensure that life went on. You made a difference.

As public contract lawyers you have shown incredible fortitude and resilience, as well as a willingness to innovate to get the job done. I am hopeful that our challenges can be met and handled together.

Wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy and safe holiday season and New Year. I hope to see you (even if only virtually) at our events. I am looking ahead to the start of 2021 with hopes that we will get together in person before year end.

Very best,
Susan Warshaw Ebner
Section Chair (2020 - 2021)