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Understanding the Consequences of the OMB Budgetary Scoring Rules, and How the Budget Process Can Constrain Management Reform and Government Efficiency/ Effectiveness

Wednesday, December 19 | 11am — 12:15pm ET

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Our December meeting will feature a panel discussion about the impact of the OMB budgetary scoring rules on U.S. Government contracting. In addition to providing an overview of the OMB scoring rules, our panelists will discuss a few approaches that could be used to address the unintended consequences of these scoring rules.

Peter Terenzio and Sandy Hoe (Covington & Burling) will provide an introduction about the application of the OMB scoring rules on potential Government projects. They will also discuss the Trump Administration's proposed Federal Capital Revolving Fund (FCRF), which would allow federal agencies to finance certain long-term capital projects while avoiding certain hurdles often associated with the application of the OMB scoring rules. In fact, the FCRF recently was discussed as a means of facilitating the new FBI headquarters project.

John Marshall and John Duncan (Shared Services Leadership Coalition), Dan Chenok (IBM), and Mark Weatherly (Deloitte) will discuss the Shared Services Leadership Coalition's proposal for authorizing language that would facilitate cost savings in mission support activities in certain executive agencies and that would employ an extended budget window for tracking the cost and savings of reforms. The proposal would mimic the effect of the current scoring of Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs), and could also introduce competition in the provision of service efficiencies by authorizing agencies to access private sector investment in the upgrade of government functions.

In keeping with our standard practice, nothing said at this meeting will be for attribution.