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Contract Claims & Disputes Resolution

Practicing Virtually Before the CBCA During COVID & Beyond

Thursday, July 23 | 4:30 – 6pm ET

Invitations for the event will be limited, so please respond quickly.

RSVP including your name, email address associated with your Zoom account, and Zoom screen name to Matthew Lewis, the CBCA's attorney law clerk.

Since its inception, the CBCA has constantly sought to implement innovative ways to resolve disputes.

We have routinely supplemented in-person hearings and alternative dispute resolution procedures by telephone and video-conferencing.

The current pandemic has accelerated the need to use these techniques, not as a supplement, but to replace in-person procedures. We anticipate that counsel and parties will see the value and convenience of these new practices as they become more widely used, and video-conferencing will significantly replace face-to-face interactions when the current restrictions are no longer necessary.

Explore our current experiences using online video-conferencing techniques, and our ongoing development of future options that will enhance your practice before the CBCA and other forums.

The CBCA will host online discussion panels comprised of the CBCA's law clerks and several judges addressing the following topics:

  • Protocols for virtual proceedings at the CBCA
  • The future of virtual practice at the CBCA
  • Participating effectively in virtual hearings — witness examination, document presentation, opening and closing statements
  • Lessons learned from virtual hearings and alternative dispute resolution procedures
  • Running a dynamic virtual law clerk program

During the panel discussion, attendees may post questions for the panel members via "Zoom chat," to be answered by the panel members after the panel discussion. You may direct your questions to specific panel members or the moderator may designate a member to respond

Please share this invitation with your colleagues who practice before the CBCA. We look forward to seeing you!