January 04, 2018

About Us

About Us

The ABA Fund for Justice and Education is 501(c)(3) charitable fund that support the public service and educational programs of the American Bar Association.

The mission of the Section of Public Contract Law is to improve public procurement and grant law at the federal, state and local levels and promote the professional development of attorney and associate members in public procurement law. The Section pursues this mission through a structured committee system and educational and training programs that welcome and encourage member involvement, foster opportunities for all members of the Section, and that recognize and respond flexibly to the diverse needs, talents and interests of Section members.

The Section seeks to improve the functioning of public procurement by contributing to developments in procurement legislation and regulations; by objectively and fairly evaluating such developments; by communicating the Section's evaluations, critiques and concerns to policy makers and government officials; and by sharing these communications with Section members and the public.

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Two central themes provide the fundamental foundation for all activities of the Section of Public Contract Law the personal, professional growth of members and the sound development of the law relating to procurement at all levels of government. These two themes are captured in the Section's Mission Statement.

In adopting this mission, the Officers and Council of the Section were keenly aware that each theme can be most effectively pursued through Section activities which foster and encourage a diverse membership, broad opportunities for members to contribute in their own way to Section activities, and open paths for members to participate and to advance, if and as they wish, in the development of the Section.

The Section's goal is simple, yet ambitious: to be the most reliable, most respected nationwide source of balanced, unbiased, positive recommendations for improving the law relating to procurement (broadly defined) at all levels of government. Because of its unique position as a national organization composed of lawyers and associates from government, corporations, and law firms, the Section has an extraordinary opportunity and a duty to work for improvements to the procurement process. To meet this opportunity, the Section is trying continuously to create an atmosphere in which the interests of all participants in the procurement process are heard, understood, and incorporated in Section proposals and activities.