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PCL Committee Leadership Appointments

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Complete the 2024-2025 Committee Leadership Appointment Questionnaire Here

As the Section prepares for the 2024-2025 ABA year (September 1, 2024, through August 31, 2025), The Chair-Elect, Jason N. Workmaster will begin to make leadership appointments for Division and Committee roles, Section conferences, and our two quarterly publications.

The Chair Elect will reach out to Division and Committee Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs for feedback specific to individual Committees. Anyone interested in a Co-Chair or Vice-Chair role to reach out directly to the current Committee Co-Chairs to express interest in serving in those roles, so that your input can be included in the Committee's feedback.

Additionally, the Section provides an additional means for Section members to express their interest in serving the Section in a leadership role. As done in previous years, the Section is soliciting this input via a brief questionnaire. If you are interested in serving as a Division or Committee Co-Chair or Vice-Chair, or in a leadership role for one of our conferences or quarterly publications, please complete this questionnaire no later than midnight on Monday, May 6.

Before completing the questionnaire, please consider the following:

  • The questionnaire is an opportunity to express interest in taking on new roles (including moving from a leadership role in one Committee to a leadership role in another Committee). Please do not submit a questionnaire response solely to express your interest in a position you are currently holding, e.g., if you are: (1) a Committee Co-Chair who has served less than three years in that role and who is interested in continuing in that role next year; or (2) a Committee Vice-Chair who is interested in remaining in that role next year. Instead, you should provide that input by April 24 via the Committee feedback form that is being provided to the current Committee leadership.

  • If you propose to continue as a Co-Chair for a Committee that you currently chair, please do not request to be appointed to a Co-Chair role for a second Committee. We make this request in the interest of maximizing leadership opportunities for Section members. We continue to encourage your active participation across multiple Committees.

  • Committee Co-Chair appointments follow the "three-years-and-out" rule wherever feasible. This enables other talented people to have an opportunity to serve as Committee Co-Chairs, and facilitates the movement of experienced Section leaders to new roles.

  • Please do not use the questionnaire to express interest in serving as an Officer or Council Member. There is a separate nomination process for Officer and Council roles.

Please submit no more than one response. Only the first response submitted will be considered. ABA membership is required for appointment to a leadership role. Please confirm that your membership is current before you submit a response.

The number of highly qualified applicants typically exceeds the number of positions available. If you do not receive an appointment this year, please understand the constraints under which we are working and will consider reapplying in the future.

Additional information regarding the Section's leadership and Committee structure is available here. Leadership appointments will be announced in the summer. Thank you for your membership in the Section and for your ongoing support for, and enthusiastic participation in, our Committees, programs, and publications.