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Public Contract Law Section Fellows' Spirit of Leadership Award

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Public Contract Law Section Fellows’ Spirit of Leadership Award is to be given periodically by the Fellows to recognize a Public Contract Law Section member who has demonstrated significant leadership, the highest degree of professionalism, and a substantial, consistent and long‑term record of encouragement and support to others to become and remain active in the Section. It may also be given to an individual who has contributed exceptional service to the support, development, and implementation of programs to enhance participation and leadership development within the Section and the public contract community. This award is intended to support and encourage individual efforts to grow participation in the Section and develop leadership qualities in Section members and assure it is recognized that such efforts are core values of the Section.

The Section Fellows consists of past Section Chairs and Section members who have been elected to membership because of their distinguished service and significant contributions to public contract law and the American Bar Association.

Past Recipients

2006 - Judge Ruth C. Burg
2007 - Alan E. Peterson
2008 - Allan J. Joseph
2011 - Marshall J. Doke, Jr.
2014 - Marilyn Neforas