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Donald McL. Davidson Award

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The Donald McL. Davidson Award is presented periodically to a member of the Section of Public Contract Law whose participation has been outstanding in the promotion of state and local procurement activities in the Section.

Mr. Davidson was a long-time member of the Section, holding offices as a Council Member, State and Local Division Chair, Chair of Region VIII, and Co-Chair of the Region Division. His tireless efforts on behalf of the Section resulted in increased membership and activities. Also, in spite of a severe physical disability as a result of polio, he led a vigorous professional life as a construction trial lawyer and was active in legal and civic affairs.

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Past Recipients

1991 - Thomas B. Treacy
1992 - Larry C. Ethridge
1993 - James M. Marsh
1994 - Paul F. Dauer
1996 - Margaret E. McConnell
1999 - Craig Othmer
2006 - Donald G. Featherstun
2007 - Dr. John B. Miller
2011 - Melissa J. Copeland
2015 - Gerard E. Wimberly,  Jr.
2023 - Keith McCook