September 27, 2018

Survey on Lawyer Discipline Systems 2016

ABA Survey on Lawyer Discipline Systems (S.O.L.D.)

The American Bar Association’s Center for Professional Responsibility is the only organization that collects, analyzes and compiles statistics about lawyer regulatory systems on a national basis.  This data, which is published as the ABA Survey on Lawyer Disciplinary Systems (S.O.L.D.), serves to educate the public, the profession, the news media, courts and disciplinary agencies about sanctions imposed, caseload, budget and staffing activity in each jurisdiction.  Information from the Survey has been used by courts and disciplinary agencies to effect changes in caseload management, staffing, and funding of their lawyer disciplinary systems.  As a result, it is essential that the Center maintain accurate data with respect to each jurisdiction.

If you have any questions regarding a particular jurisdiction's responses to the Survey, please contact the chief disciplinary counsel for that agency. Click here for lawyer disciplinary agency contact information. Additional data about lawyers and the legal profession can be viewed at Legal Profession Statistics.

2016 Survey Results

The ABA Standing Committee on Professional Discipline greatly appreciates the participation of U.S. lawyer disciplinary agencies in the annual ABA Survey on Lawyer Discipline Systems (S.O.L.D.). The S.O.L.D. questionnaire for 2016 was sent to 56 lawyer disciplinary agencies. Connecticut, Nevada, and New York:1st Department did not provide responses by the publication date. Massachusetts was unable to provide data this year, as it was undergoing an IT system upgrade. At the request of the State Bar of California, please derive data from these public sources.  

The 2016 Survey results consist of ten charts arranged alphabetically by jurisdiction. Responses correspond to the questions as numbered on the questionnaire appended to the end of this document. Notes (“N”) at the end of each chart include explanatory information provided by some jurisdictions. Where exact figures were not available, estimated figures were provided. The abbreviation "N/A" means that the data is not available or applicable. Medians and averages are shown where potentially meaningful. In most instances, averages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.

The information contained in the 2016 S.O.L.D. is not intended to constitute a comprehensive overview of each jurisdiction's lawyer disciplinary system. Where possible, footnotes have been included to address variations in the manner in which jurisdictions function and maintain statistics.

Questions regarding the survey and questionnaire should be addressed via email to Ellyn S. Rosen, Regulation and Global Initiatives Counsel, ABA Center for Professional Responsibility at

The 2016 Charts on Lawyer Disciplinary Systems (S.O.L.D.)

Chart I: Part A

Chart I: Part B

Lawyer Population and Agency Caseload Volume: Parts A & B

Chart II


Chart III: Part A

Chart III: Part B

Sanctions Imposed:          Parts A & B

Chart IV

Reinstatement / Readmission Statistics

Chart V

Caseload Statistics

Chart VI

Case Processing Times

Chart VII

Budget and Sources of Funding

Chart VIII

Annual Registration Dues and Fees in State Disciplinary Systems

Chart IX: Part A

Chart IX: Part B

Staffing of Disciplinary Counsel Offices:           Parts A & B

Chart X: Part A

Chart X: Part B

Chart X: Part C

Staffing of Adjudicative Offices: Parts A -  

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