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Appendix A

Model Rules for Lawyer Disciplinary Enforcement
2001 Edition

A system in which inquiry officers, rather than hearing committees, are used may be established by adoption of the following two alternative provisions in place of Rules 2(G)(4), 2(G)(5), and 3: As an alternative to Rules 2(G)(4) and (5), the following subparagraph may be adopted:

(4) To conduct hearings into formal charges of misconduct, petitions for reinstatement, and petitions for transfer to and from disability inactive status, and prepare and forward to the court its own findings, if any, and recommendations together with the record of the hearing;

As an alternative to Rule 3, the following may be adopted:

Rule 3. Inquiry Officers.

  1. Appointment. The board shall appoint three or more inquiry officers [within each disciplinary district].

  2. Terms of Office. All terms shall be three years and no inquiry officer shall serve for more than two consecutive three-year terms. An inquiry officer who has served two consecutive three-year terms may not be reappointed before the expiration of at least one year.

  3. Powers and Duties. Inquiry officers shall review recommendations of counsel following investigation for disposition of disciplinary matters and petitions for transfer to and from disability inactive status.

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