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Model Rules for Lawyers' Funds for Client Protection - Rule 8

Rule 8 - Conflict of Interest

  1. A Trustee who has or has had a client-lawyer relationship or a financial relationship with a claimant or lawyer who is the subject of a claim shall not participate in the investigation or adjudication of a claim involving that claimant or lawyer.
  2. A Trustee with a past or present relationship, other than as provided in Paragraph A, with a claimant or the lawyer whose alleged conduct is the subject to the claim, or who has other potential conflicts of interest, shall disclose such relationship to the Board and, if the Board deems appropriate, that Trustee shall not participate in any proceeding relating to such claim.


The Board must be sensitive to the perceptions of both the public and the legal profession in its determination of claims. Disqualification of members of the Board tainted by real or apparent conflicts of interest helps to ensure confidence in the impartiality in the proceeding. Potential conflicts of interest that should be disclosed include relations with other parties, such as with potential third-party sources of recovery.

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