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Model Rules for Lawyers' Funds for Client Protection - Rule 15

Rule 15 - Reimbursement from the Fund is Discretionary

No person shall have the legal right to reimbursement from the Fund. There shall be no appeal from a decision of the Board.


Although these Rules establish procedures for the processing of claims seeking reimbursement from the Fund, they are not intended to create either substantive rights to reimbursement, compensation, damages or restitution for a lawyer's dishonest conduct, or procedural rights subject to judicial review with respect to determination of claims.

The Fund is not a guarantor of honesty and integrity in the practice of law. Dishonest conduct by a member of the bar imposes no separate legal obligation on the profession collectively, or on the Fund, to compensate for a lawyer's misconduct. The Fund is a lawyer-financed public service, and payments by the Board is discretionary.

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