Compendium of Client Protection Rules

History of the Model Rules for Client Protection
Model Rules for Lawyers' Funds for Client Protection
Rule 1 Purpose and Scope
Rule 2 Establishment
Rule 3 Funding
Rule 4 Fund
Rule 5 Composition and Officers of the Board
Rule 6 Board Meetings
Rule 7 Duties and Responsibilities of the Board
Rule 8 Conflict of Interest
Rule 9 Immunity
Rule 10 Eligible Claims
Rule 11 Procedures and Responsibilities for Claimants
Rule 12 Processing Claims
Rule 13 Request for Reconsideration
Rule 14 Payment of Reimbursement
Rule 15 Reimbursement From the Fund Is Discretionary
Rule 16 Restitution and Subrogation
Rule 17 Judicial Relief
Rule 18 Confidentiality
Rule 19 Compensation for Representing Claimants
Model Rules for Trust Account Overdraft Notification
Rule 1 Clearly Identified Trust Accounts Required
Rule 2 Overdraft Notification Agreement Required
Rule 3 Overdraft Reports
Rule 4 Consent by Lawyers
Rule 5 Costs
Rule 6 Definitions

Model Rule for Trust Account Records

Rule 1 Recordkeeping Generally
Rule 2 Client Trust Account Safeguards
Rule 3 Availability of Records
Rule 4 Dissolution of Law Firm
Rule 5 Sale of Law Practice

Model Rule for Random Audit of Trust Accounts
Model Rule for Payee Notification
Model Rules for Fee Arbitration
Rule 1 General Principles and Jurisdiction
Rule 2 Fee Arbitration Commission
Rule 3 Arbitrators
Rule 4 Commencement of Proceedings
Rule 5 Hearing
Rule 6 Decision
Rule 7 Effect of Decision; Enforcement
Rule 8 Confidentiality
Rule 9 Immunity
Rule 10 Service

Model Rules for Mediation of Client-Lawyer Disputes

Rule 1 General Principles and Jurisdiction
Rule 2 Mediation Commission
Rule 3 Mediators
Rule 4 The Process
Rule 5 Confidentiality
Rule 6 Immunity

Guidelines for the Adoption of a Definition of the Practice of Law

Model Court Rule on Insurance Disclosure

Model Court Rule on Provision of Legal Services Following Determination of Major Disaster

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