Model Rules for Client Protection - Audit

Model Rule For Random Audit Of Lawyer Trust Accounts

Adopted by the American Bar Association
House of Delegates on August 11, 1993.

American Bar Association
Standing Committee on Lawyers' Responsibility
for Client Protection
Ernest Y. Sevier, Chair
San Francisco, California
Pamela A. Bresnahan
Washington, D.C.
Isaac Hecht
Baltimore, Maryland
Kenneth J. Bossong
Trenton, New Jersey
James. F. Miller
Hollywood, Florida
James E. Green
Columbus, Ohio
Kiyoko Tatsui
Los Angeles, California
Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.
New Haven, Connecticut
Harriet L. Turney
Phoenix, Arizona
Alex S. Keller, Liaison
ABA Board of Governors
Denver, Colorado
American Bar Association
Advisory Commission on Client Security Funds
Frederick Miller, Chair
Albany, New York
Brenda P. Catlett
Lake Oswego, Oregon
Karen O'Toole
Boston, Massachusetts
Mary Ann Cummings
Vancouver, British Columbia
David N. Shearon
Nashville, Tennessee
Tricia Nagel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
John C. Tillotson
Leavenworth, Kansas
Center for Professional Responsibility
Jeanne P. Gray
Client Protection Counsel
David J. Brent
Assistant Client Protection Counsel
Gilbert A. Webb

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