July 02, 2019 Feature

The Intersection of Client Protection and Lawyer Well-Being: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

By Renu Brennan

With the Privilege of Self-Regulation Comes Responsibility That the Profession Must Shoulder Together

Lawyers should be justly proud of our commitment to public protection and of being the only profession that assesses itself to reimburse the losses caused by a few dishonest members. Indeed, every state and the District of Columbia and every Canadian province has a lawyers’ fund for client protection (“Fund”), most of which are financed wholly by lawyer contributions. Our willingness to examine our profession and to pay for the financial malfeasance of our fellow lawyers reflects our commitment to public protection. It is this willingness to examine the profession critically and our demonstrated commitment to right wrongs that ensures we are worthy of the privilege of self-regulation.

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