December 01, 2017 Feature

Ball of Confusion: Practicing Law from Your Second Home in Another State

By Ronald C. Minkoff

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Practicing law has been very, very good to you. Through lots of hard work over 40 years, you have built up a stable of good, steady clients, and have earned enough money to start thinking seriously about retirement. You have always lived and worked in the same Northern state—the only state in which you are admitted to practice. Nevertheless, despite global warming, the Northern winters seem to get longer and more depressing each year, so you’ve decided to spend the winter months in your second home near a beautiful golf course in a nice, warm Southern state. You still feel too young and healthy to retire completely, but you have little desire to go through the grueling process of getting admitted in the Southern state, including (Heaven forbid!) sitting for the Bar exam, unless someone says you must. Your longtime firm is willing to let you practice remotely from your second home, as long as doing so will not get you or the firm into trouble.

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