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Model Code of Judicial Conduct: Canon 3

Canon 3

A judge shall conduct the judge’s personal and extrajudicial activities to minimize the risk of conflict with the obligations of judicial office.

  • Rule 3.1
    Extrajudicial Activities in General
  • Rule 3.2
    Appearances before Governmental Bodies and Consultation with Government Officials
  • Rule 3.3
    Testifying as a Character Witness
  • Rule 3.4
    Appointments to Governmental Positions
  • Rule 3.5
    Use of Nonpublic Information
  • Rule 3.6
    Affiliation with Discriminatory Organizations
  • Rule 3.7
    Participation in Educational, Religious, Charitable, Fraternal, or Civic Organizations and Activities
  • Rule 3.8
    Appointments to Fiduciary Positions
  • Rule 3.9
    Service as Arbitrator or Mediator
  • Rule 3.10
    Practice of Law
  • Rule 3.11
    Financial, Business, or Remunerative Activities
  • Rule 3.12
    Compensation for Extrajudicial Activities
  • Rule 3.13
    Acceptance and Reporting of Gifts, Loans, Bequests, Benefits, or Other Things of Value
  • Rule 3.14
    Reimbursement of Expenses and Waivers of Fees or Charges
  • Rule 3.15
    Reporting Requirements