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February 14, 2020

Rule 2.13: Administrative Appointments

(A) In making administrative appointments, a judge:

   (1) shall exercise the power of appointment impartially* and on the basis of merit; and

   (2) shall avoid nepotism, favoritism, and unnecessary appointments.

(B) A judge shall not appoint a lawyer to a position if the judge either knows* that the lawyer, or the lawyer’s spouse or domestic partner,* has contributed more than $[insert amount] within the prior [insert number] year[s] to the judge’s election campaign, or learns of such a contribution* by means of a timely motion by a party or other person properly interested in the matter, unless:

   (1) the position is substantially uncompensated;

   (2) the lawyer has been selected in rotation from a list of qualified and available lawyers compiled without regard to their having made political contributions; or

   (3) the judge or another presiding or administrative judge affirmatively finds that no other lawyer is willing, competent, and able to accept the position.

(C) A judge shall not approve compensation of appointees beyond the fair value of services rendered.



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