February 22, 2019

Journal of the Professional Lawyer

The Journal of The Professional Lawyer is an annual publication, which typically features longer articles than the magazine, covering topics in greater depth, in law review format.

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2018 Journal of the Professional Lawyer

The Topics covered in the 2018 Journal Issue are:

  • Unlocking the EU General Data Protection Regulation
    - Steven M. Puiszis

2017 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2017 Journal Issue are:

  • Lawyer Transfers to Disability Inactive Status—A Comprehensive Guide
    - Arthur F. Greenbaum

  • Lawyers Serving as Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers at the Same Time: Legal Ethics and Municipal Courts
    - Peter A. Joy

  • Regulation of the Paralegal Profession and Programs for Limited Practice by Non-Lawyers
    - by Lynn Crossett

  • A Solutions-Oriented Approach: Changing How Insurance Litigation Is Handled by Defense Law Firms
    - Dwayne J. Hermes, Erica R. LaVarnway, and Nancy B. Rapoport 

2016 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

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The topics covered in the 2016 Journal Issue are:

  • Legal Dualism, Legal Ethics, and Fidelity to Law
    - Joshua P. Davis

  • The Rise and Fall of Social Trustee Professionalism
    - Michael Ariens

  • Designing and Improving a System of Proactive Management-Based Regulation to Help Lawyers and Protect the Public
    - by Susan Saab Fortney

  • Inverted Thinking about Law as a Profession or Business
    - Thomas D. Morgan

  • A Battle for Reason: The Unconscionable Attorney-Client Fee Agreement
    - Keith William Diener

  • E-Professionalism: The Global Reach of the Lawyer’s Duty to Use Social Media Ethically
    - Kylie Burns and Lillian Corbin

2015 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

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The topics covered in the 2015 Journal Issue are:

  • The Law and the “Spirit of the Law” in Legal Ethics
    - Samuel J. Levine

  • Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them--Ethical and Risk Management Issues for Law Firms That Adopt a "BYOD" Approach to Mobile Technology
    - Steven M. Puiszis

  • Becoming a Competent 21st Century Legal Ethics Professor: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Technology (but Were Afraid to Ask)
    - Catherine J. Lanctot

  • A Judicial Perspective: Technological Competence and the Law Schools
    - John M. Facciola

  • Professional Formation with Emerging Adult Law Students in the 21-29 Age Group: Engaging Students to Take Ownership of Their Own Professional Development toward Both Excellence and Meaningful Employment
    - Neil W. Hamilton

  • The Perilous Psychology of Public Defending
    - Scott W. Howe