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The Journal of The Professional Lawyer is an annual publication, which typically features longer articles than the magazine, covering topics in greater depth, in law review format.




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2017 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2017 Journal Issue are:

  • Lawyer Transfers to Disability Inactive Status—A Comprehensive Guide
    - Arthur F. Greenbaum

  • Lawyers Serving as Judges, Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers at the Same Time: Legal Ethics and Municipal Courts
    - Peter A. Joy

  • Regulation of the Paralegal Profession and Programs for Limited Practice by Non-Lawyers
    - by Lynn Crossett

  • A Solutions-Oriented Approach: Changing How Insurance Litigation Is Handled by Defense Law Firms
    - Dwayne J. Hermes, Erica R. LaVarnway, and Nancy B. Rapoport


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2016 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2016 Journal Issue are:

  • Legal Dualism, Legal Ethics, and Fidelity to Law
    - Joshua P. Davis

  • The Rise and Fall of Social Trustee Professionalism
    - Michael Ariens

  • Designing and Improving a System of Proactive Management-Based Regulation to Help Lawyers and Protect the Public
    - by Susan Saab Fortney

  • Inverted Thinking about Law as a Profession or Business
    - Thomas D. Morgan

  • A Battle for Reason: The Unconscionable Attorney-Client Fee Agreement
    - Keith William Diener

  • E-Professionalism: The Global Reach of the Lawyer’s Duty to Use Social Media Ethically
    - Kylie Burns and Lillian Corbin


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2015 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2015 Journal Issue are:

  • The Law and the “Spirit of the Law” in Legal Ethics
    - Samuel J. Levine

  • Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them--Ethical and Risk Management Issues for Law Firms That Adopt a "BYOD" Approach to Mobile Technology
    - Steven M. Puiszis

  • Becoming a Competent 21st Century Legal Ethics Professor: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Technology (but Were Afraid to Ask)
    - Catherine J. Lanctot

  • A Judicial Perspective: Technological Competence and the Law Schools
    - John M. Facciola

  • Professional Formation with Emerging Adult Law Students in the 21-29 Age Group: Engaging Students to Take Ownership of Their Own Professional Development toward Both Excellence and Meaningful Employment
    - Neil W. Hamilton

  • The Perilous Psychology of Public Defending
    - Scott W. Howe


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2014 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2014 Journal Issue are:

  • Recovering the Lost Lawyer
    - Deborah M. Hussey Freeland

  • From the Ashes of the Lawyer-Statesman Rises the Lawyer-Democrat: Practical Legal Wisdom from the Ground Up
    - Steven K. Berenson

  • Service: A Prescription for the Lost Lawyer
    - Melissa H. Weresh

  • The Lost Lawyer: An Important Outline of Symptoms, But a Flawed Diagnosis
    - Thomas D. Morgan

  • Can a Single Masterpiece Sustain a Lawyer’s Lifetime And Other Questions That Cross a Lawyer’s Way
    - Randy Lee

  • Lost and Found: The Lost Lawyer, Twenty Years Later
    - Margaret Raymond-


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2013 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2013 Journal Issue are:

  • Litigation Finance Ethics: Paying Interest
    - Jennifer Anglim Kreder and Benjamin A. Bauer

  • Sending the Message: Using Technology to Support Judicial Reporting of Lawyer Misconduct to State Disciplinary Agencies
    - Michael S. McGinniss

  • The Attorney-Client Privilege Selective Compulsion, Selective Waiver and Selective Disclosure: Is Bank Regulation Exceptional?
    - Bruce A. Green

  • Cloud Nine or Cloud Nein? Cloud Computing and Its Impact on Lawyers Ethical Obligations and Privileged Communications
    - Louise Lark Hill

  • Compliance, Creative Deviance, and Resistance to Law: A Theory of the Attorney-Client Privilege
      - Norman W. Spaulding

  • Technologys Triple Threat to the Attorney-Client Privilege
     - Paula Schaefer

  • Confidentiality of Client Identity
    - Sande L. Buhai

  • Ghostwriting and the ERIE Doctrine: Why Federalism Calls for Respecting States Ethical Treatment of Ghostwriting
     - Jessie M. Brown


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2012 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2012 Journal Issue are:

  • Lawspeech
    - David McGowan
  • Apologies and Fitness to Practice Law: A Practical Framework for Evaluating Remorse in the Bar Admission Process
    - Mitchell Simon, Nick Smith, and Nicole Negowetti
  • Stratification of the Legal Profession: A Debate in Need of a Public Forum
    - Laurel A. Rigertas
  • "Philadelphia Lawyers": Policing the Law in Pennsylvania
    - Brian K. Pinaire, Milton Heumann, and Christian Scarlett
  • Pogo Professionalism: A Call for a Commission on Truth and Professionalism
    - Dennis A. Rendleman


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2011 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2011 Journal Issue are:

  • My Brother's Keeper: An Empirical Study of Attorney Facilitation of Money Laundering Through Commercial Transactions
    - P. Cummings and Paul T. Stepnowsky
  • The Challenges of Developing Cross-Cultural Legal Ethics Education, Professional Development, and Guidance for the Legal Professions
    - Philip M. Genty
  • Some Information and Belief About "Information and Belief"
    - Michael E. Rosman
  • Regulating Legal Services in the European Union and Croatia
    - Dubravka Aksamovic
  • Gaiben & Bengoshi LLP: Cross-Border Legal Practice in Japan
    - Eric W. Struble
  • Not All Lawyers Are Antisocial: Social Media Regulation and the First Amendment
    - Kellen A. Hade


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2010 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2010 Journal Issue are:

  • An Introduction to the Financial Action Task Force and Its 2008 Lawyer Guidance
    - Laurel S. Terry
  • Anti-Money Laundering Legislation: Implementation of the FATF Forty Recommendations in the European Union
    - Colin Tyre
  • The Gatekeeper Initiative and the Risk-Based Approach to Client Due Diligence: The Imperative for Voluntary Good Practices Guidance for U.S. Lawyers
    - Kevin L. Shepherd
  • Money Laundering Regulation—What Can be Learned from the Canadian Experience
    - Ronald J. MacDonald
  • The Financial Action Task Force Guidance for Legal Professionals: Missed Opportunities to Level the Playing Field
    - Louise L. Hill
  • Cooperation, Co-option or Coercion? The FATF Lawyer Guidance and Regulation of the Legal Profession
    - Paul D. Paton
  • Regulating Lawyers: Same Theme, New Context
    - Ellen S. Podgor
  • The Financial Action Task Force and Global Administrative Law
    - James Thuo Gathii
  • On Charles W. Kettlewell
    - Diane L. Karpman
  • On Jeanne P. Gray
    - Mark I. Harrison
  • Charles W. Kettlewell Legal Ethics Advisor Award Address
    - Jeanne P. Gray


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2009 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2009 Journal Issue are:

  • ABA Ethics Reform From “MDP” to “20/20”:Some Cautionary Reflections
    - Bruce A. Green


  • Thoughts on the Compatibility of Recent U.K. and Australian Reforms with U.S. Traditions in Regulating Law Practice
    - Ted Schneyer
  • Views from an Australian Regulator
    - Steve Mark
  • Remarks to the Conference of Chief Justices Regulation of the Legal Profession in a Global Economy Fairmont Hotel, Chicago, Illinois May 27, 2009
    - Michael S. Greco


  • Changing Times and the Changing Landscape of Law Firm Disputes
    - Douglas R. Richmond
  • The Professional Cost of Untreated Addiction and Mental Illness in Practicing Lawyers
    - Mary T. Robinson
  • Two Case Studies in the Exercise of Discretion in Lawyer Discipline Systems
    - Donald R. Lundberg
    - John D. Feerick
    - Robert L. Nelson
    - Alice E. Richmond
    - Jeanne P. Gray
    - Mark I. Schickman
    - Karl J. Ege
    - Elizabeth Moser


2008 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

A Centennial Celebration of the ABA Legacy of Lawyer Ethics are:

  • Introduction

  • Acknowledgments

  • Centennial Celebration Program

  • Keynote Address
    -Judith S. Kaye


  • Repudiating the Holmesian "Bad Man" through Contextual Ethical Reasoning: The Lawyer as Steward
    - Keith R. Fisher

  • The Fallacy of the Monolithic Client-Lawyer Relationship: Leaving 1908 and Procrustean Regulation Behind
    - Steven C. Krane

  • Bar Associations, Self-Regulation and Consumer Protection: Whither Thou Goest?
    - Judith L. Maute

  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Future of Self-Regulation—Canada between the United States and the English/Australian Experience
    - Paul D. Paton

  • The Model Rules of Professional Conduct and Serving the Non-Legal Needs of Clients: Professional Regulation in a Time of Change
    - Robert Rubinson

  • The Evolving Regulation of the Legal Profession: The Costs of Indeterminacy and Certainty
    - Irma S. Russell

  • How Things Have Changed: Contrasting the Regulatory Environments of the Canons and the Model Rules
    - Ted Schneyer

  • The Future Regulation of the Legal Profession: The Impact of Treating the Legal Profession as "Service Providers"
    - Laurel S. Terry

  • Moral Engagement Without the "Moral Law": A Post-CANONS View of Attorneys’ Moral Accountability
    - Robert K. Vischer


  • Considering the A.B.A.'s 1908 Canons of Ethics
    - James M. Altman

  • The Development of Lawyer Disciplinary Procedures in the United States
    - Mary M. Devlin

  • Michael Franck Award Address
    - Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr.


2007 Journal of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2007 Journal Issue are:

  • In Remembrance of Robert F. Drinan, S.J.
    - Michael S. Greco
  • Michael Franck Award Presentation
    - Donald B. Hilliker
  • The ABA—A Beacon For Clients
    - Lawrence J. Fox
  • The Buried Bodies Case: Alive and Well After Thirty Years
    - Lisa G. Lerman, Frank H. Armani, Thomas D. Morgan, and Monroe H. Freedman
  • "Are They Just Bad Apples? Ethical Behavior in Oganizational Settings": An Introduction (and Bibiliography)
    - Arthur J. Lachman
  • Self Regulation and the Duty to Report Misconduct: Myth or Mainstay?
    - Charles B. Plattsmier
  • A Lawyer's Duty to Report Another Lawyer's Misconduct: The Illinois Experience
    - Mary T. Robinson
  • Combating Himmel Angst
    - Patricia A. Sallen
  • Some Problems with Model Rules 5.6(a)
    - Stephen Gillers
  • Compilation of Cases Involving Restrictive Covernants Among Law Partners
    - Ronald C. Minkoff
  • California Ethical Rules Governing Restrictions on Law Practice
    - Ellen A. Pansky
  • Lawyers and Abusive Tax Shelters Civil Liability
    - Thomas Ross
  • Abusive Tax Shelters: Ethical Pitfalls for Lawyers
    - Mary T. Robinson
  • Law School Clinics and Attorney Grievance Procedures
    - Dennis E. Curtis


2006 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2006 Symposium Issue are:

  • Remarks Upon Receiving the Michael Frank Professional Responsibility Award
    - Deborah L. Rhode
  • Louisiana Lawyers after the Storm: Problems and Solutions
    - Charles B. Plattsmier
  • Stop the Shredding: Document Retention after U.S. v. Andersen
    - Donald K. Joseph
  • Internet Communications with Prospective Clients: When Disclaimers May Not be Enough
    - Mark L. Tuft
  • The Check (Cheque) is not Always in the Mail: Ontario By-Laws on Electronic Transactions and Record Keeping and Related Concerns about Cheque Imaging
    - Daniel J. Abrahams
  • The Journey of a Check
    - Peter J. Mucklestone
  • The Regulatory Implications of Trends in Law Practice: Thoughts on the Data Reported in Urban Lawyers
    - Ted Schneyer
  • Teaching Ethics in and Outside of Law Schools: What Works and What Doesn't
    - Lisa G. Lerman
  • Selected Bibliography on Teaching Legal Ethics
    - Robert Rubinson
  • Law Firms Changes: The Ethical Obligations When Lawyers Switch Firms
    - Lynda C. Shely
  • Irreconcilable Differences - The Duty of Undivided Loyalty Versus the Non-Client Duty of Care
    - Mark A. Johnson & Sims Weymuller
  • Lateral Screening After Ethics 2000
    - Robert A. Creamer


2005 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2005 Symposium Issue are:

  • Address to the American Bar Association House of Delegates
    - Michael S. Greco
  • Remarks Upon Receiving the ABA Medal
    - Robert F. Drinan, S.J.
  • Remarks Upon Receiving a Margaret Brent Award
    - Loretta C. Argrett
  • 2005 Michael Franck Professional Responsibility Award Recipient Address
    - E. Norman Veasey
  • Litigation Funding: Investing, Lending or Loan Sharking?
    - Douglas R. Richmond
  • What Direction Should Legal Advertising Regulation Take?
    - Fred C. Zacharias
  • The Ethics of Advertising and Other Issues Related to Law Firm Web Sites
    - William I. Weston
  • Zeal in Client Representation - FAQ's
    - Arthur J. Lachman & Peter R. Jarvis
  • Increasing Ethics, Professionalism and Civility: Key to Preserving the American Common Law and Adversarial Systems
    - Allen K. Harris


2004 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2004 Symposium Issue are:

  • Michael Franck Recipient Address
    - Charles W. Kettlewell
  • Law Firm Culture - Its Importance and How to Overcome It
    - Peter J. Winders
  • Misconduct by Law Professors: Why it Matters
    - Lisa G. Lerman
  • The Meaning of "Fraud" for Securities Lawyers
    - Russell G. Ryan
  • Reducing Discipline Risks for Solos Through the Three "C's": Communication, Client Selection, and Cash
    - Lynda C. Shely
  • The Impaired Lawyer: Implications Under the Rules of Professional Conduct
    - Donald B. Hilliker
  • Unbundling Legal Services: The Ethics of "Ghostwriting" Pleadings for Pro Se Litigants
    - James M. McCauley
  • Some Basic Ethical and Practical Rules Relating to Unbundling of Legal Services
    - James M. McCauley
  • Ethical Issues Posed by Limited-Scope Representation -- The Washington Experience
    - Barrie Althoff
  • An Issue-Annotated Version of the SOx Rules for Lawyer Conduct
    - Simon M. Lorne


2003 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2003 Symposium Issue are:

  • The Need for Model Rules Changes in a New Regulatory Environment
    - M. Peter Moser
  • Understanding Recent Trends in Federal Regulation of Lawyers
    - Fred C. Zacharias
  • The Attorney-Client Privilege in the United States, An Age-Old Principle Under Modern Pressures
    - Edward J. Krauland and Troy H. Cribb
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Expert Testimony Regarding Attorney Ethics Rules
    - Pamela A. Bresnahan and Timothy H. Goodman
  • Do Borders Matter? Regulating the Mobile Lawyer
    - Darrel I. Pink and Donald F. Thompson
  • But What Will the WTO Disciplines Apply to? Distinguishing Among Market Access, National Treatment and Article VI:4 Measures When Applying the GATS to Legal Services
    - Laurel S. Terry
  • The Emerging LLP Case Law: A Survey of Cases Dealing With Registered Limited Liability Partnerships
    - Elizabeth S. Miller


2002 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2002 Symposium Issue are:

  • Michael Franck Award Recipient Address
    - John T. Berry
  • The Humanization of Lawyers
    - Fred C. Zacharias
  • A Broader View of Discovery Ethics: The Societal Context
    - Robert E. Hinerfeld
  • Incriminating Physical Evidence, Ethical Codes and Source Return
    - David Layton
  • Multijurisdictional Practice
    - Barrie Althoff
  • 21st Century Mandatory Bars: Change Agents in the Public Interest or Sate Sponsored Guilds?
    - George A. Riemer
  • Ethics Counsel's Role in Combating the "Ostrich" Tendency
    - Susan Saab Fortney
  • Isolated Instances of Ordinary Negligence as a Basis for Discipline: The Oregon Experience
    - Bradley F. Tellam
  • Disgorgement of Fees and the Unauthorized Practice of Law
    - Sarah Diane McShea


2001 Symposium Issue of The Professional Lawyer

The topics covered in the 2001 Symposium Issue are:

  • Ethics 2000 – Some Heretical Thoughts
    - Andrew L. Kaufman
  • Multiple and Intergenerational Relationships
    - A. Frank Johns
  • Essentials Steps on the Path to Improving the Rules Governing the Multijurisdictional Practice of Law in the United States
    - George A. Riemer
  • The Case for Multijurisdiction Practice of Law in the United States:
    "Regulate Lawyers by the Boundaries of Their Competence and Professionalism, and Not Solely by the Boundaries of Their State of Admission."
    - Norman M. Krivosha
  • A Challenge to the ABA and the U.S. Legal Profession to Monitor the GATS 2000 Negotiations: Why You Should Care
    - Laurel S. Terry

  • Practical Measures for Reducing the Risk of Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Intellectual Property Law
    - Samuel C. Miller III
  • Patently Conflicted: Avoiding the Quagmire of Patent Conflicts of Interest
    - Carol M. Langford and William M. Balin
  • Lawyer Disciplinary Sanctions
    - Barrie Althoff
  • Selected Appellate Ethics Issues
    - Narda Pierce