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ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers Manual on Professional Conduct

The ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct is a research and notification service, available by subscription. First published in 1984, it is the ABA's flagship publication on legal ethics.

The Lawyer's Manual's mission is to provide authoritative guidance on professional responsibility law and malpractice to all practitioners. The publication offers over 130 chapters of in-depth analysis; full text of ABA ethics opinions, Model Rules, and Standards; summaries of ethics opinions issued by more than 60 state and local jurisdictions; and a current developments component providing the latest news and analysis of issues in the field of legal ethics.

Published by the American Bar Association and the Bloomberg Law.

Available in Electronic Format

The ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct is the complete research resource in the field of professional responsibility law and the most authoritative source for news and guidance on virtually every aspect of attorney conduct and legal ethics.

For a free trial subscription visit the Bloomberg Law website or contact your Bloomberg Law representative or their Customer Relations department at 1-800-372-1033.


On one landing page, content is organized for easy access to News, Practice Guides, Ethics Opinions and more.  Highlights include:

Legal Ethics News

The latest developments in professional responsibility law, including new opinions as they are issued by courts, disciplinary agencies, and ethics committees, and reports on legislative and administrative developments as well as conferences on professional responsibility and malpractice.

Model Rules and Standards

ABA Model Rules (full text) and related Standards and Codes
State Ethics Rules (citations to rules and comparison charts)

Practice Guides

  • Qualifications for the Practice of Law
  • Lawyer-Client Relationship
  • Client Funds and Property
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Confidentiality
  • Trial Conduct
  • Obligations to Third Persons
  • Advertising and Solicitation
  • Types of Practice
  • Misconduct and Discipline
  • Regulation of the Bar
  • Malpractice

Ethics Opinions

The Lawyers' Manual offers the only national collection of digests of state and local ethics opinions on matters of professional responsibility. The digests are brief synopses organized by jurisdiction and indexed by topic for efficiency in research. In addition to digests of ethics opinions from over 60 submitting entities, the Manual contains full texts of recent ABA ethics opinions from 1985 forward.

Lawyer's Manual Staff

Ellen J. Bennett
Managing Editor

Helen W. Gunnarsson
Assistant Editor

Nancy Kisicki
Assistant Editor