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World Trade Organization "Legal Services" Portal

World Trade Organization "Services" Portal

The WTO Doha Negotiations Portal

The World Trade Organization Homepage

Links to Documents of the WTO Working Party on Domestic Regulation (GATS Track 2 - Disciplines)

WTO “Documents Online” Search Function

Source For GATS Documents That Have Not Yet Officially Been Made Public

Trade Observatory Library (select “GATS” from the left hand drop down menu)

World Trade Organization Dispute Resolution Links

WTO Dispute Resolution Portal (includes links to WTO Appellate Body decisions, dispute cases, annual reports and other material)

WTO Analytical Index — Guide to WTO Law and Practice

WTO Analytical Index: WTO Decisions Interpreting the GATS

WTO Dispute Settlement: One-Page Case Summaries, General Agreement on Trade in Services, 1995-September 2006

U.S. Government Links

U.S. Trade Representative WTO Page

U.S. Trade Representative Page on Services

USTR's Role, Including Outreach and Consultation Functions

WTO Pages of Other WTO Member State Governments

Government of Canada

European Commission's INFO-POINT on World Trade in Services

Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

United Kingdom Consultation about the "Requests" It Received (legal services begins on page 12)

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Webpage on Japan and the WTO

Government of India WTO Page

Bar Association and Other Webpages about the GATS

U.S.-Oriented Bar Associations and Organizations

•ABA GATS Task Force

ABA Section of International Law and Practice Transnational Legal Practice Committee

Coalition of Service Industries (CSI)

Non-U.S. Bar Associations and Organizations

IBA WTO Working Group

Canadian Bar Association

Federation of Law Societies of Canada

European Services Forum

CCBE GATS Committee


Prof. Laurel Terry's Webpage Highlighting the Work of the WTO Working Party on Domestic Regulation

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