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Ethics 2000 Commission

2001 Meeting Summary

During the August 6 - 7, 2001 meeting of the American Bar Association House of Delegates in Chicago, the House considered the changes to the Model Rules of Professional Conduct proposed by the Commission on Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct ("Ethics 2000"). The House voted on the Rules from the Preamble through Rule 1.10 and approved all of the Commission's recommendations with the following exceptions:

Rule 1.5: approved an amendment to delete the requirement of a writing in Rule 1.5(b).

Rule 1.6: approved an amendment to delete proposed Rule 1.6(b)(2). In light of the House's action in deleting (b)(2), the Commission withdrew its proposed 1.6(b)(3). The House also approved an amendment from the Commission to modify Rule 1.6, Comment [13].

Rule 1.10: approved an amendment to delete proposed Rule 1.10(c).

Please note that according to the Special Rules for Consideration of Report 401, the entire Report will be voted up or down at the conclusion of consideration of all proposed amendments. Thus, the actions taken in Chicago will not become Association policy until the House completes consideration of Report 401 at the Midyear Meeting in Philadelphia or the Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Click here for the complete text of the amendments.