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March 08, 2021

Model Rule 1.1

Reporter's Explanation of Changes


The Commission is not recommending any change to the text of the Rule.


[5] The Commission recommends the addition of a sentence indicating that a Rule 1.2(c) agreement to limit the scope of a representation will limit the scope of the matters for which the lawyer is responsible. Given the increase in the number of occasions in which lawyers and clients agree to a limited representation, the Commission thought it important to call attention to the relationship between Rules 1.1 and 1.2(c). No change in substance is intended.

A minor change was made to make explicit that the duty to be prepared and thorough varies with the complexity of the matter as well as what is at stake. No change in substance is intended.

[6] The changes in the first sentence are intended to identify three distinct aspects of continuing education that are needed to maintain the knowledge and skill requisite for the competent representation of clients. The second sentence has been deleted because it is a precatory aspiration rather than a specification of conduct thought necessary for the competent representation of a client. No change in substance is intended.

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