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Ethics 2000 Advisory Council

As of 6/22/99


Center for Professional Responsibility Coordinating Council

Burnele V. Powell
Kansas City, MO

Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

Michael Distelhorst
Columbus, OH

Consortium on Legal Services and the Public

William Reece Smith, Jr.
Tampa, FL

Division for Bar Services

Jennifer Lewin
Chicago, IL

Governmental Affairs

Robert D. Evans
Kevin Driscoll
Washington, DC

Judicial Division

James Alfini
DeKalb, IL

Irene Keyse-Walker
Cleveland, OH

Section of Administrative Law

Thomas D. Morgan
Provo, UT

Section of Antitrust Law

Leslie W. Jacobs
Cleveland, OH

Section of Business Law

Larry Scriggins
Scottsdale, AZ

Section of Criminal Justice

Judge Irma S. Raker
Rockville, MD

Section of Dispute Resolution

Kimberlee K. Kovach
Austin, TX

Section of Family Law

David L. Walther
Santa Fe, NM

Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities

Zona F. Hostetler
Washington, DC

Section of International Law and Practice

David G. Keyko
New York, NY

Section of Law Practice Management

Demetrios Dimitriou
San Francisco, CA

Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar

Norman Redlich
New York, NY

Section of Litigation

Robert P. Cummins
Chicago, IL

Bruce A. Green
New York, NY

Ed Hendricks
Phoenix, AZ

Section of Public Contract Law

Judge Mary Ellen Coster Williams
Washington, DC

Section of Real Estate, Trust and Probate Law

Bruce S. Ross
Los Angeles, CA

Phyllis M. Rubinstein
Richmond, VA

Section of State and Local Government Law

Patricia Salkin
Albany, NY

Section of Taxation

Sylvan Siegler
Kansas City, MO

Section of Tort and Insurance Practice

Hugh E. Reynolds, Jr.
Indianapolis, IN

Ernest Y. Sevier
San Francisco, CA

Senior Lawyers Division

John H. Pickering
Washington, DC

Standing Committee on Client Protection

William I. Weston
Jacksonville, FL

Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility

M. Peter Moser
Baltimore, MD

Loretta C. Argrett
Washington, DC

Jackson M. Bruce
Milwaukee, WI

William B. Dunn
Detroit, MI

Daniel W. Hildebrand
Madison, WI

Donald W. Hilliker
Chicago, IL

William H. Jeffress, Jr.
Washington, DC

Bruce Alan Mann
San Francisco, CA

Standing Committee on Lawyers' Professional Liability

Pamela A. Bresnahan
Washington, DC

Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants

M. Catherine Richardson
Syracuse, NY

Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service

Judge Judith M. Billings
Salt Lake City, UT

Standing Committee on Professional Discipline

Raymond R. Trombadore
Somerville, NJ

Standing Committee on Professionalism

Robert F. Drinan
Washington, DC

Edward M. Waller, Jr.
Tampa, FL

Standing Committee on the Delivery of Legal Services

John S. Jenkins
Alexandria, VA

Standing Committee on Solo and Small Firm Practitioners

T. Jackson Bedford, Jr.
Atlanta, GA

Keith W. Watters
Washington, DC

Standing Committee on the Unmet Local Needs of Children

Frank Cervone
Philadelphia, PA

Young Lawyers Division
James Niemann
St. Louis, MO


Alameda County Bar Association

Richard E. Flamm
Oakland, CA

State Bar of Arizona

John T. Berry
Phoenix, AZ

Beverly Hills Bar Association

Diane L. Karpman
Los Angeles, CA

State Bar of California

Randall Difuntorum
San Francisco, CA

Sean M. Selegue
San Francisco, CA

Chattanooga Bar Association

Patricia Best Vital
Chattanooga, TN

The Chicago Bar Association

Loretta Wells
Chicago, IL

Colorado Transactional Ethics Group

James R. Walker
Denver, CO

Connecticut Bar Association

Ralph Gregory Elliot
Hartford, CT

Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Community

Ramon Mullerat
Barcelona, Spain

Cuyahoga County Bar Association

Howard R. Besser
Shaker Heights, OH

Dallas Bar Association, Ethics Committee

Don R. Hanmer
Dallas, TX

District of Columbia Bar

John D. Aldock
Washington, DC

Rules of Professional Conduct Review Committee of the D.C. Bar

Keith J. Soressi
Washington, DC

Illinois State Bar Association

Dennis A. Rendleman
Springfield, IL

Kansas Bar Association

Ron Smith
Topeka, KS

Los Angeles County Bar Association

Judge Samuel L. Bufford
Los Angeles, CA

Lousiana State Bar Association Lawyer and Judicial Conduct Committee

Harry S. Hardin III
New Orleans, LA

State Bar of Michigan

Thomas K. Byerley
Lansing, MI

John W. Allen
Kalamazoo, MI

Milwaukee Bar Association

Daniel J. Miske
Milwaukee, WI

Minnesota State Bar Association Rules of Professional Conduct Committee

Judge Arthur J. Boylan
Minneaspolis, MN

Mobile Bar Association Ethics Committee

Jack Janecky
Mobile, AL

State Bar of Montana

Betsy Brandborg
Helena, MT

New York County Lawyers' Association

Robert W. Trenchard
New York, NY

New York State Bar Association

Steven C. Krane
New York, NY

State Bar Association of North Dakota

Randy Lee
Grand Forks, ND

Ohio State Bar Association

Eugene P. Whetzel
Columbus, OH

Oklahoma Bar Association

Allen K. Harris
Oklahoma City, OK

Harry A. Woods, Jr.
Oklahoma City, OK

Orange County Bar Association

Jeremy M. Miller
Orange, CA

Pennsylvania State Bar

Tom Wilkinson
Philadelphia, PA

Rhode Island Bar Association

Helen McDonald
Providence, RI

San Antonio Bar Association

Allan K. Dubois
San Antonio, TX

The Bar Association of San Francisco

Barbara Fanning
San Francisco, CA

Tennessee Bar Association

Allan Ramsaur
Nashville, TN

State Bar of Texas

Steven W. Young
Austin, TX

Vermont Bar Association

A. Jeffry Taylor
Rutland, VT

Virginia State Bar

James M. McCauley
Richmond, VA

Standing Committee on Professional Ethics, State Bar of Wisconsin

Keith J. Kaap
Madison, WI


Kentucky Supreme Court

Justice Janet L. Stumbo
Prestonsburg, KY

Missouri Supreme Court

Judge Ann K. Covington
Jefferson City, MO

San Juan County Prosecutor

Randall K. Gaylord
Friday Harbor, WA

Supreme Court of Texas

Justice Craig Enoch
Austin, TX

Washington State Attorney General's Office
Narda Pierce
Seattle, WA


Department of Justice

Stephen J. Csontos
Washington, DC

Richard M. Rogers
Washington, DC

Deborah Smolover
Washington, DC

Federal Rules Project

Daniel R. Coquillette
Newton, MA

John Rabiej
Washington, DC

Federal Trade Commission

Debra Valentine
Washington, DC

House of Representatives

Mark Agrast
Washington, DC

Public Defender Service

Jo-Ann Wallace
Washington, DC

Securities and Exchange CMSN

Paul Gonson
Arlington, VA


National Organization of Bar Counsel

Laura L. Chastain
Nashville, TN

William P. Smith, III
Atlanta, GA

Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Colorado Supreme Court

Linda Donnelly
Denver, CO

Delaware - Office of Disciplinary Counsel

David Curtis Glebe
Wilmington, DE

Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission

James J. Grogan
Chicago, IL

Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board

Charles B. Plattsmier
Baton Rouge, LA

Massachusetts - Office of the Bar Counsel

Arnold R. Rosenfeld
Boston, MA

Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Washington State Bar Association

Barrie Althoff
Seattle, WA


Knoxville Legal Aid Society

David R. Yoder
Knoxville, TN

Legal Aid Society

Helaine Barnett
New York, NY

Legal Services for the Elderly

Jonathan A. Weiss
New York, NY

North Carolina Prisoner Legal Services

Michael S. Hamden
Raleigh, NC


American Association for Paralegal Education

Richard S. Fisher
Greenville, SC

American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants

L. Harold Levinson
Nashville, TN

American Association of Law Libraries

Steve Barkan
Madison, WI

American Bar Foundation

Bryant Garth
Chicago, IL

American Inns of Court

Elliot Talenfeld
Phoenix, AZ

American Judges Association

Judge Gerald T. Elliott
Olathe, KS

Judge Eileen Olds
Chesapeake, VA

American Medical Association Ethics Institute

Jessica Berg
Chicago, IL

Association of Legal Administrators

Marilyn Mickelson
Washington, DC

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers

Mark I. Harrison
Phoenix, AZ

The Association of Trial Lawyers of America

Herman J. Russomanno
Miami, FL

Attorneys' Liability Assurance Society

Robert A Creamer
Joseph R. Lundy
Karen K. Phillips
Brian J. Redding
Mary Beth S. Robinson
Chicago, IL

Robert E. O'Malley
Washington, DC

Center for Law and Social Policy

Alan W. Houseman
Washington, DC

College of Labor & Employment Lawyers

Robert M. Dohrman
Los Angeles, CA

CPR- Georgetown Commission on Ethics & Standards in ADR

Carrie Menkel-Meadow
New York, NY

Defense Research Institute

Richard T. Boyette
Raleigh, NC


James C. Turner
Washington, DC

International Association of Defense Counsel

Michael A. Pope
Chicago, IL

International Municipal Lawyers Association

David Caylor
Battle Creek, MI

MPRE Drafting Committee

Sharren B. Rose
Green Bay, WI

National Academy of Law Ethics & Management

Jay G. Foonberg
Santa Monica, CA

National Association of Bond Lawyers

John M. Gardner
Denver, CO

National Association of Women Lawyers

Ellen A. Pansky
South Pasadena, CA

National Conference of Lawyers & CPAs

Irwin L. Treiger
Seattle, WA

National Institute for Trial Advocacy

Anthony J. Bocchino
Philadelphia, PA

The Southwestern Legal Foundation

Noel M. Hensley
Dallas, TX

Texas Center for Legal Ethics & Professionalism

Berry Crowley
Austin, TX


American University

Susan Carle
Washington, DC

Arizona State University

Victoria K. Trotta
Tempe, AZ

Brooklyn Law School

Carol L. Ziegler
Brooklyn, NY

Boston College Law School

Judith A. McMorrow
Newton, MA

Campbell University

Patrick K. Hetrick
Buies Creek, NC

Case Western Reserve Law School

Kevin C. McMunigal
Cleveland, OH

College of William and Mary Law School

James E. Moliterno
Williamsburg, VA

Florida State University College of Law

Jeffrey W. Stempel
Tallahassee, FL

Georgia State University College of Law

Ellen S. Podgor
Roy Sobelson
Atlanta, GA

Georgetown University Law Center

Samuel Dash
Washington, DC

Golden Gate University School of Law

Leslie Minkus
San Francisco, CA

Hofstra University School of Law

Roy D. Simon
Hempstead, NY

Howard University School of Law

Andrew Eric Taslitz
Washington, DC

Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis

W. William Hodes
Indianapolis, IN

Loyola Law School

Dane S. Ciolino
New Orleans, LA

Mercer Law School

Jack L. Sammons
Macon, GA

Northern Kentucky University

Edward C. Brewer III
Highland Heights, KY

Nova Southeastern Law Center

Howard Messing
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Oklahoma City University School of Law

Lawrence K. Hellman
Oklahoma City, OK

Pennsylvania State University

Laurel Terry
Carlisle, PA

Regent University School of Law

Charles H. Oates
Virginia Beach, VA

Seton Hall University School of Law

Denis F. McLaughlin
Newark, NJ

Stetson University College of Law

Ruth Fleet Thurman
St. Petersburg, FL

Temple Law School

Eleanor W. Myers
Philadelphia, PA

Texas Tech University

Susan Saab Fortney
Lubbock, TX

Texas Wesleyan University School of Law

Cynthia L. Fountaine
Fort Worth, TX

University of Akron School of Law

Jack P. Sahl
Akron, OH

University of Arizona College of Law

Ted Schneyer
Tucson, AZ

University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law

Lawrence H. Averill
Little Rock, AR

University of California Hastings College of Law

Richard Zitrin
San Francisco, CA

University of Denver College of Law

Stephen Pepper
Denver, CO

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law

Lawrence Dubin
Detroit, MI

University of Illinois College of Law

Ronald D. Rotunda
Champaign, IL

University of Miami

Anthony V. Alfieri
Center for Ethics and Public Service
Coral Gales, FL

University of Nebraska College of Law

Stephen E. Kalish
Lincoln, NE

University of Oklahoma College of Law

Judith L. Maute
Norman, OK

University San Francisco

Carol M. Langford
San Francisco, CA

The University of Tulsa College of Law

Martin H. Belsky
Tulsa, OK

University of Utah College of Law

George C. Harris
Salt Lake City, UT

University of Washington Law School

Tom Andrews
Seattle, WA

Vermont Law School

L. Kinvin Wroth
South Royalton, VT

Villanova University School of Law

Lewis Becker
Philadelphia, PA

West Virginia University College of Law

Forest J. Bowman
Morgantown, WV

William Mitchell College of Law

Douglas Heidenreich
St. Paul, MN


Kimball R. Anderson
Chicago, IL

Charles P. Baker
New York, NY

Desa Ballard
West Columbia, SC

David Bell
Fairfax, CA

Edward B. Benjamin, Jr.
New Orleans, LA

Robert L. Berner, Jr.
Chicago, IL

James D. Biernat
San Francisco, CA

Donald E. Bradley
Palo Alto, CA

Benjamin Bycel
Los Angeles, CA

Stuart J. Chanen
Chicago, IL

Timothy J. Dacey
Boston, MA

William B. Dawson
Dallas, TX

David F. DuMouchel
Detroit, MI

William Freivogel
Chicago, IL

Bryan A. Garner
Dallas, TX

Barbara S. Gillers
New York, NY

Richard E.V. Harris
Piedmont, CA

David Hricik
Austin, TX

David B. Isbell
Washington, DC

Paul M. Koning
Dallas, TX

Lawrence J. Latto
Washington, DC

William J. Linklater
Chicago, IL

Jorge Luis Lopez
Miami, FL

Thomas P. Luning
Chicago, IL

George W. Overton
Chicago, IL

James W. Paul
New York, NY

Pamela Phillips
San Francisco, CA

David M. Rosenfeld
Seattle, WA

Sol Schreiber
New York, NY

William P. Schuman
Chicago, IL

Evan R. Shirley
Honolulu, HI

A.A. Sommer, Jr.
Washington, DC

Brian F. Spector
Miami, FL

Martin A. Stern
New Orleans, LA

John F. Sutton, Jr.
Austin, TX

Allan Van Fleet
Houston, TX