Model Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement

Model Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement

The ABA Model Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement, including Preamble and Terminology, were adopted by the ABA House of Delegates on August 9, 1994.

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Hon. Vivi L. Dilweg
Green Bay, Wisconsin
Hon. Barbara B. Crabb
Madison, Wisconsin
Linda D. Donnelly
Denver, Colorado
Hon. C. Tolbert Goolsby
Columbia, South Carolina
Thomas M. Fitzpatrick
Seattle, Washington
Hon. Florence K. Murray
Providence, Rhode Island
H. Holcombe Perry, Jr.
Albany, Georgia
Gerald Stern
New York, New York
Standing Committee on Professional Discipline
Burnele V. Powell, Chair
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Judicial Administration Division
Hon. J. F. Greene, Chair
Washington, D.C.
Center for Professional Responsibility
Jeanne P. Gray, DirectorMary M. Devlin, Regulation Counsel
Charlotte K. Stretch, Special Counsel

The Joint Subcommittee wishes to recognize the contribution of Marna Tucker, Chair of the Standing Committee on Professional Discipline, 1989-1990, who initiated this project.

The Model Rules for Judicial Disciplinary Enforcement were approved by the ABA House of Delegates in August 1994.

These rules were developed under a grant from the State Justice Institute. The points of view expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the State Justice Institute.

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