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Law Students


What kind of law will you practice?

You may not know what area of law you plan to concentrate in after graduation.

You should know, however, that professional responsibility is an area of concern to lawyers in every field and practice setting.

By joining the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility, you can keep up to date on trends and issues relating to professional responsibility law that will help you in your classes today and in your practice tomorrow. Your membership in the Center gives you a variety of resources including:

  • Center Members receive The Pulse a monthly update of Center activities and resources.
  • Access to " Center Members Only" Web resources which includes electronic versions of The Professional Lawyer  magazine, ethics opinions of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibilty, articles, and papers.
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Model Rules of Professional Conduct, 2018 Edition is the up-to-date resource for information on lawyer ethics. Federal, state, and local courts in all jurisdictions look to the Rules for guidance in resolving lawyer malpractice cases, disciplinary actions, disqualification issues, sanctions questions, and much more. Order now!

Essential Qualities of the Professional Lawyer. This resource from the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism addresses a widely observed gap in legal education and professionalism materials on professional development in a practice-focused context. The qualities addressed in this book are the tools new lawyers will need in order to emerge as authentic and successful professionals according to leading thinkers in the field. Order now!

The Relevant Lawyer: Reimagining the Future of the Legal Profession. Sharing expert insights on how and why the profession of law is changing in fundamental ways and ... Order now!

Professionalism Chair Frederic S. Ury discusses The Relevant Lawyer


National Conference on Professional Responsibility

Bringing together legal scholars, jurists and specialists in the professional responsibility field for two days of intensive seminars covering a wide range of issues. Conference topics address recent trends and developments in legal ethics, professional discipline for lawyers, professionalism and practice issues. 

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