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2022 ABA Michael Franck Professional Responsibility Award

Judy Perry Martinez

Lucian T. Pera - 2022 Award Recipient

“Having had the privilege of knowing Michael Franck, it is no surprise that Lucian T. Pera would be the lawyer leader selected to receive the prestigious award that bears Michael’s name and is a testament to Michael’s legacy of contributions. 

Lucian not only has long demonstrated his dedication to the legal profession, the organized bar and the law regulating lawyers, he has lived his life as a lawyer of the highest caliber. He has come to the aid of those in need of representation. He has responded to requests from his state’s highest court to lead the study and revision of Tennessee’s legal ethics rules. He has contributed significantly to innovations pursued by the ABA and ultimately adopted by its House of Delegates in connection Ethics 2000, more recent regulatory reforms and necessary emergency adaptations of the bar exam during the pandemic. Lucian has generously shared his depth of knowledge and astute judgment through literally hundreds of publications, podcasts and seminars spanning the decades. 

Most importantly, Lucian has helped lawyers across our nation understand what more or differently we must do for those whom we serve, if we are to in any way approach the level of professionalism and ethics that he has embodied throughout his over thirty-five years of practice.”

Judy Perry Martinez