Information Governance Part II – The Ethics of Data Breach Reaction

Thursday, May 31 
(3:40 - 5:00pm)

Moderator: Alice Neece Mine
Panelists: Steven Puiszis, William Sampson, Jason Warmbir

Back by popular demand! At the 2017 conference, a panel examined what the ethics rules and opinions require of law firms to prevent the digitized confidential information of law firms and clients from being accessed by hackers or inadvertently revealed by a lawyer or firm. The topic was so expansive, a second, and equally important, issue was not addressed: if confidential information is revealed, misused or misappropriated, what must firms do, and what must they tell clients, after the disclosure occurs? The panel will explore the duties that arise when data systems—and confidentiality—are breached.


  1. ABA Formal Opinion 481 Lawyers Duty to Inform Client of Material Error
  2. Shook Hardy ABA Cyber Attack Paper
  3. Missouri #8782276 v1 ABA PowerPoint May 2018
  4. Puiszis Prevention and Response

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