Ethics Issues in Lawyers' Use

Thursday, May 31 
(9:00am - 10:20am)

Moderator: Robert Ambrogi
Panelists: Andrew Arruda, Anthony Davis, Kyle Doviken, Dennis Garcia

If machine capabilities allow us to diminish, or even remove, human participation from some tasks traditionally involved in the practice of law, or to exchange non-lawyer providers for lawyer providers for entire segments of service previously performed by lawyers, what roles will lawyers play, and how will the changes affect the delivery of legal services in the future? In turn, how do these changes affect how we analyze and manage the ethical accountability and client protections associated with both lawyer and non-lawyer provided tasks and services?

A panel that includes several lawyers working for businesses that are creating and expanding those very machine capabilities will discuss those questions with the practicing ethics lawyers – on the panel and in the audience – who advise other lawyers about analyzing and managing lawyers’ ethical and legal accountability.


  1. Legal Analytic Whitepaper
  2. Lex Machina 2018 Top Firms Report
  3. LM Survey FINAL-3
  4. Garcia Preparing for Artificial Intelligence in the Legal Profession
  5. Garcia Perspective ‘Chat Bots’ Provide Opportunity to the Legal Profession Big Law Business
  6. Microsoft The Future Computed 2.8.18
  7. Huawei Case Study
  8. ABA CPR AI Panel Master Deck

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