May 26, 2017

Professional Identity Formation in Public and Faith-Based Legal Education

(Grand Ballroom D/E, 4th Floor)

Thursday, June 1 
(10:40am - 12:00pm)

Moderator: John T. Berry
Panelists:   Debra Moss Curtis, Benjamin K. Grimes, Neil Hamilton, 
                     Michael S. McGinniss, Benjamin Madison

This panel of experts gathered from the legal academy throughout the country – from public institutions as well as faith-based institutions – will share common as well as unique approaches to the development of a lawyer’s professional and moral judgment in deciding all the difficult issues of professional discretion that arise in the practice of law. 


  1. Berry Pages from 46200011703PDF_ppd
  2. Chapter in Best Practices 2 Book on Professsional Identity Formation
  3. Hamilton Coulter Professional Formation
  4. McGinniss Virtue and Advice Texas AML Rev 2013
  5. Prof Found Course Syllabus 2017

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