May 17, 2017

Information Governance – The Ethics of Data Protection and of Data Breach Reaction

(Grand Ballroom A/B/C, 4th Floor)

Thursday, June 1 
(2:00pm - 3:20pm)

Moderator:  Alice Neece Mine
Panelists:    Rita Heimes, Michael J. McGuire, Steven Puiszis

What do the ethics rules and opinions require of law firms to prevent the firms’, and their clients’, confidential information being accessed by hackers, or mistakenly revealed by the firms?  And if confidential information is revealed or misused or misappropriated, what must firms do, and what must they tell clients, after the revelation occurs?


  1. Law Firm Cybersecurity: An Industry at Serious Risk
  2. Law Firm Cybersecurity Breach Opens Door to Lawsuit
  3. Best Practices for Data Breach Notification 1.19.17 Final Draft (147005553_1)
  4. Cyber Security Article SPuizis 033116
  5. Johnson & Bell Complaint
  6. Model Information Protection and Security Controls for Outside-Counsel Jan. 2017 (147005577_1)
  7. New York Ethics Opinion 842 (147005778_1)
  8. NIST.SP.800-61r2 (147005565_1)
  9. Pennsylvania 2011 200 Cloud Computing (147005941_1)
  10. Puiszis Lawyers Duty Technological Competence

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