June 06, 2017

A Difference of Opinion: Federal-State Conflict in Lawyer Ethics Matters

(Grand Ballroom  D/E, 4th Floor)

Friday, June 2 
(2:00pm - 3:20pm)

Moderator:   Bruce A. Green 
Panelists:     Pamela A. BresnahanWilliam J. Griffin, Nancy J. Moore,
                       William Ross

Attorneys who weave their practices between multiple state and federal court settings are commonplace.  Attorneys who also happen to be authorized to practice before multiple state and/or federal courts and agencies and engage in professional conduct violations before those jurisdictions are equally common. This program will explore the dynamics of, inconsistencies in, and complications with the differing regulations between and among federal and state jurisdictions from a myriad of perspectives including reciprocal discipline and incompatible/inconsistent disciplinary sanctions, choice of law in disciplinary, disqualification, and other actions, and federal preemption of state ethics rules under McDade-Murtha, Dodd-Frank, False Claims Act, Sperry v. Florida and other federal cases and statutes.  


  1. Clark Moore Whistleblowing
  2. Patterson Who Should Regulate
  3. Lawyers Seeking Federal Whistleblower Bounties in Violation of State Ethics Rules

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