May 05, 2016

Prosecutors' Role and Professional Responsibility: Power, Discretion, Misconduct and Accountability

Friday, June 3

(9:00 - 10:20am)

Moderator: Marc Debbaudt
Panelists: Jules Epstein, Melissa Francis, Louis Lappen, Charles Plattsmier, Ellen C. Yaroshefsky

In recent years, studies by investigative reporters at the Chicago Tribune and the Center for Public Integrity suggest that prosecutorial misconduct is a pervasive problem in the criminal justice system. Is prosecutorial misconduct a pervasive problem? Or is prosecutorial misconduct a statistically insignificant event? This panel will discuss the extent of the problem, its ramifications and the effectiveness of existing legal remedies in the face of vigilant media attention. 


  1. ADDA Prosecutorial Misconduct is not an Epidemic!
  2. DOJ-Response-to-Kozinski
  3. Green Yaroshefsky Prosecutorial Accountability
  4. Kozinski Preface