May 05, 2016

Is Less More? APRL's 2015 Report on the Regulation of Lawyer Advertising

Thursday, June 2 
(10:40am - 12:00pm)

Moderator: Lynda Shely
Panelists: Ron Rotunda, Elizabeth Tarbert, Mark Tuft

The Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL), in a report released June 22, 2015, recommends jettisoning most lawyer advertising rules, leaving the prohibition on false and misleading advertising to carry the weight for the regulation of lawyer advertising. The APRL report contends that a single rule will end “overly restrictive and inconsistent rules that are under-enforced and, in some cases, constitutionally suspect.” APRL’s report also proposes that bar regulators use non-disciplinary means to address complaints about lawyer advertising in most instances. Are APRL’s proposals a long-needed response to the morass of state advertising regulations or, in light of the changes technology has wrought, an overly simplistic and foolhardy repudiation of the years of experience reflected in the current regulation of lawyer advertising? In this panel, an APRL representative, a regulator, and law professor will consider whether less is more. 


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