May 12, 2016

From Street Corner to the Store Front: To Be A Legitimate Cannabis Business

Thursday, June 2

(2:00 - 3:20pm)

Moderator: Dennis Rendleman
Panelists: Phil Cherner, Dina Rollman

Anyone attempting to analyze American public policy on cannabis would best be utilizing the product before trying to do so. At the federal level, marijuana is still a controlled substance treated as the equal of heroin and cocaine—but the Department of Justice has issued eight guidelines for prosecutors as to when marijuana prosecutions should occur. That is because 23 states and D.C. have either legalized medical or recreational private use of marijuana in direct conflict with the federal law. And the state businesses providing the supply in those states have to operate on a largely cash basis because financial institutions have to work through the federal banking systems. And each state has an extensive regulatory framework. And what about a change in presidential administration? How do lawyers advise clients in the cannabis business? 


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  4. To Be a Legitimate Cannabis Business