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General Information

An important element of a lawyer's professional responsibility is to be responsive to the concerns and best interests of the client population through programs that serve to prevent or redress harm done in the practice of law or the rendering of legal services. This includes instances of direct, personal harm, such as the theft of client property by a lawyer as well as sometimes less obvious harm that can be caused by a person who renders legal services although not licensed as a lawyer in the jurisdiction. Questions?

Model Rules

At the 2012 ABA Midyear Meeting, the House of Delegates adopted amendments to the Model Rules for Fee Arbitration. You may find the amended Rules here. If you have any questions regarding these amendments or any related client protection models, please contact Stephanie Custard, ABA Client Protection Counsel, at 312.988.5771 or via email.

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Salary Survey for Administrators of Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection

Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection

Unauthorized Practice of Law Committees

Fee Arbitation Programs