Standing Committee on Public Protection in the Provision of Legal Services

The Committee works to develop and strengthen client protection mechanisms, including programs to reimburse financial losses caused by lawyer misappropriation of client funds through the establishment of lawyer's funds for client protection (formerly known as client security funds).

The Committee also promotes consumer and governmental interests with respect to the participation in law-related activities by individuals who are not licensed to practice law in a jurisdiction. Issues in this area include the interstate practice of law, the provision of legal services by nonlawyers, and the practice of law following the determination of a major disaster. The Standing Committee on Client Protection sponsors educational programs, provides onsite consultations, develops model rules for adoption as ABA policy, and conducts and publishes surveys.

Upcoming Meeting

4th Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) School

The Standing Committee on Public Protection in the Provision of Legal Services presents the 4th UPL School. At the UPL School, those charged with the investigation, prevention, and prosecution of the unauthorized practice of law are provided a central forum to discuss current and anticipated trends in unauthorized practice and enforcement. November 7-8, 2019 Chicago, IL. Registration opens August 2019.


Committee Roster (10 total members)

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