Type: Direct Certification and Approved Private Certification Programs

State Programs
Appellate Practice, Employment Law, Estate Planning & Administration, Family Law, Labor Law, Tax Law

Private Programs: Business Bankruptcy, Consumer Bankruptcy

Regulatory Scheme: Rule 7.4 permits statements pertaining to specialty certification where the "certification, specialization or expertise has been recognized or approved in accordance with the rules and procedures established by the Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization" [Rule 7.4]. The Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization operates a direct certification program and also approves private certifying organizations. Lawyers certified by the Board or by an approved organization may state: "Board Certified (Field of Practice) Specialist- Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization" or "Certified by (Name of Certifying Entity) as a (Field of Practice) Specialist" [Louisiana State Bar Association Plan of Legal Specialization, Section 12(C)(1)].

Barbara Shafranski 
Executive Director 
Louisiana Board of Legal Specialization
601 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70130
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