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Standing Committee on Professional Regulation

Who We Are

The Professional Regulation Committee is the entity in the ABA responsible for “developing, promoting, coordinating, and strengthening professional disciplinary and regulatory programs and procedures throughout the nation, including developing and promoting ABA activities relating to professional discipline, model rules for disciplinary enforcement and standards for the imposition of sanctions.”

ABA House of Delegates Adopts Amendments to Model Rule 1.16

At its 2023 Annual Meeting in Denver, the ABA House of Delegates adopted Revised Resolution 100, amending Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.16(a) and Comments [1] and [2] to address a lawyer’s responsibility to inquire into and assess the facts and circumstances of a matter. Revised Resolution 100 was proposed by the ABA Standing Committee on Professional Regulation and ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility.


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2020 and 2021 Survey on Lawyer Discipline Results

The ABA Standing Committee on Professional Discipline has released the results of the 2020 and 2021 Survey on Lawyer Discipline (S.O.L.D.). S.O.L.D. remains the only national compilation of data regarding lawyer disciplinary agency caseload, budget, staffing, and sanctions.

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Proactive Management-Based Regulation (PMBR)

The ABA Standing Committee on Professional Discipline continues its study of Proactive Management-Based Regulation (PMBR) to determine whether to make policy recommendations to the House of Delegates and/or take other action. Generally, PMBR refers to regulatory measures that seek to help lawyers and law firms develop ethical infrastructures that will, to the extent possible, prevent misconduct and the resulting need for involvement with the lawyer disciplinary process.

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