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Consortium on Professionalism Initiatives


The Consortium on Professionalism Initiatives became a part of the Center for Professional Responsibility in 2008 after a number of years as a stand alone ad hoc group. It is made up of legal professionals working with or interested in developing local professionalism initiatives through bar associations, law schools and/or the courts. Examples of such initiatives include a state's chief justice's commission on professionalism or a law school's ethics center. The Consortium, through its regular meetings and its list serve, provides a venue for the exchange of ideas between members. The Consortium works closely with the Standing Committee on Professionalism, providing personal and informational resources in addition to those of the Committee to aid in the ABA's effort to reach out to local entities in support of professionalism programs.

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Join Us

Participation in the Consortium list serve and meetings is open to anyone engaged in or working with or developing local professionalism initiatives.  To join the list serve send an e-mail request to Natalia Vera.

Professionalism agency and program leaders and staff are encouraged to join this unique national affinity group and share their ideas, concerns, and innovations with colleagues from across  the nation, both through the list serve – an interactive, dedicated email community – and at meetings of the Consortium during the ABA Midyear Meeting in February and the ABA Annual Meeting in August.  Any lawyer leader, academic, or court or bar representative with an interest in professionalism programming is also encouraged to join.