October 05, 2011

Accord On Multijurisdictional Practice

  1. A lawyer admitted to practice and in good standing in a jurisdiction is permitted to engage in limited activities in a jurisdiction where not admitted to practice to the extent defined by one or more of the following limited activites:
    1. The lawyer is authorized by law or order to appear before a tribunal or administrative agency;
    2. The lawyer is preparing for a potential proceeding or hearing in which the lawyer reasonably expects to be authorized by law or order to appear before a tribunal or administrative agency related to such matter;
    3. The lawyer is an employee acting only on behalf of the employer, or on behalf of the employer's employees or affiliates, in connection with the employer's matters; provided such matter does not involve delivering legal services to third parties;
    4. The lawyer is an employee of a governmental agency in the performance of employment duties;
    5. The lawyer acts with respect to a matter that arises out of or is reasonably related to the lawyer's representation of a client in a jurisdiction in which the lawyer is admitted to practice; or
    6. The lawyer is associated in a particular matter with a lawyer who: (a) is admitted to practice within the jurisdiction where services are being delivered, and (b) provides substantive legal services in connection with the representation.
  2. A lawyer shall not assist another person in the unauthorized practice of law or to circumvent or violate a statute or rule regulating the practice of law or a lawyer's professional conduct.
  3. Activities addressed by this Accord shall be governed by and subject to such statutes and rules of the lawyer's jurisdiction of admission and the jurisdiction where services are delivered.

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