Philip H. Schaeffer Re: MJP Interim Report - Center for Professional Responsibility

January 31, 2002

ABA Commission on Multijurisdictional Practice

ABA Center for Professional Responsibility
541 North Fairbanks Court, 14th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Attn: Mr. John A. Holtaway, Staff Liaison

Dear Members of the Commission:

The practice of White & Case LLP spans both the nation and the world. Our Firm is vitally interested in multi-jurisdictional practice ("MJP") and has considerable experience in performance of sophisticated legal services for clients located and conducting business in numerous jurisdictions.

In my capacity as partner and General Counsel to the Firm, I am the lawyer at the Firm most familiar with and authorized to speak about the proprieties of our multi-jurisdictional practice. On behalf of the Firm, I have followed with great interest the progress made by the ABA’s MJP Commission and have had numerous colloquies with my partners and the management of White & Case about the work of the Commission and the effect of its interim recommendations on our multi-jurisdictional practice.

Notwithstanding our recognition that the Commission’s Interim Report is a substantial step forward in advancing the ability of lawyers to service interstate and international clients such as ours, we would prefer adoption of so-called "Common Sense Proposal for MJP Reform" for the various reasons cited in the ongoing debate on the subject.

On behalf of all lawyers seeking to improve the quality of service to our clients, the Firm is grateful to the Commission for its extraordinary work. Our preference should in no way be taken as an absence of that appreciation.

Very truly yours,

Philip H. Schaeffer

bcc: Anthony Davis, Esq.
Jonathan Lerner, Esq.