William S. Piper Comments regarding Multijurisdictional Practice - Center for Professional Responsibility

From: Piper, William [ WPiper@mckenna-law.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 2:02 PM
To: John.Holtaway
Subject: MJP

I read the article in the ABA Journal on your efforts to modify the rules on multjurisdictional practice and wholeheartedly support this effort. This issue is highly relevant and affects many more atorneys than one could imagine. I've often wondered whether inhouse general counsel representing a multijurisdictional corporation would be faced with these same issues. A competent attorney can recognize when an issue is such that local counsel needs to be consulted, and a client is entitled to that type of advice from it's regular attorney. Many legal issues require a lawyer trained in legal skills, such as negotiating and drafting or investigating but don't require specific knowledge of state law. To the extent that there is multijurisdictional litigation, pro hac vice rules should uphold the proper administration of justice.

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