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Corporate Admissions Standards

Court Rules Providing Admissions for In-house Counsel

AL No response
To be updated
Contact: Staff Attorney,
Gilbert Kendrick
(334) 269-1515
AK No corporate admission rule. Contact: Ethics Committee, Steven Van Goor
(907) 272-7469
AZ Ariz. Sup. Ct. R. 31
All attorneys are required to take the bar exam.
Contact: State Bar of Arizona, (602) 252-4804
AR No corporate admission rule.
An in-house attorney may council, but may not appear in court without a license.
Contact: Professional Conduct Committee,
Jim Neal
(501) 376-0313
CA No corporate admission rule. Contact: Senior Staff Attorney, State Bar of CA,
(415) 241-2100
CO Rule pending early Feb. 1998
Supreme Court considering adopting laws to provide limited license to practice for short time in CO.
Contact: Ethics Committee, CO Bar Association
(303) 893-3394
CT CT Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 5.5 This rule discusses UPL. However, no formal rules or opinions have been issued in CT regarding in-house counsel and Bar Admission. Contact: Committee on Professional Ethics,
Jen Colmer
(860) 721-0025
DE No corporate admission rule.
No case law, statute, or rule for UPL.
Contact: Ethics Committee, Mary Johnston
(302) 577-7042
DC DC App.R. 49(c)(6) Contact: District of Columbia Bar,
(202) 331-3883
FL Fla. Ct. R. ch. 17
Provides special registration allowing in-house counsel to relocate to Florida without taking bar examination.
Contact: General Counsel, Florida Bar,
(904) 561-5600
No web site located.
GA No corporate admission rule. Contact: Deputy General Counsel Georgia State Bar, Roman White,
(404) 527-8728
HI No corporate admission rule. Contact: Disciplinary Board,
(808) 521-4591
ID No corporate admission rule. Contact: Linda Pruet (Bar Commission Rules) or Annette Strouser (House Counsel)
IL Ill. Rule of Professional Conduct Rule 5.5 (A) (B) Contact: Illinois Supreme Court
John Cesari
(312) 565-2600
IN Ind. Sup. Ct. R. 3 (admission & discipline ).
General rule states that one can appear in court with local counsel from the state of Indiana.
Contact: Legal Ethics Committee Mary Godsey
(317) 232-2552
IA No corporate admission rule. Contact: Iowa State Bar
(515) 243-3179
KS Kan. Sup. Ct. R. 706
Allows in-house counsel licensed for at least five years to obtain temporary license without examination.
Contact: Kansas Bar Association, General Counsel, (913) 234-5696
KY No response
To be updated
Contact: Ethics Committee,
Bob Hobsen
(502) 581-8000
LA No corporate admission rule. Contact: Ethics Advisory Board, (504) 566-1600
ME No corporate admission rule.
General statement which prohibits corporate counsel from practicing in the state without a license.
Contact: Assistant Gen. Counsel
Carlos Dias
(207) 626-8846
MD Bus. Occ. & Prof. Code Ann. 10-206(d)
Admission without examination for in-house counsel must associate local counsel to appear in court.
Contact: Committee on Ethics, (410) 685-7878
MA No corporate admission rule
Case by case basis. Attorney must contact clerk to ask procedure, but most often pro hoc vice (Chapter 221 sec. 46A).
Contact: Ethics Committee,
Bob Blume
(617) 557-1165
MI Mich. Bd. of L. Examiners R. 5
Allows admission without examination for certain in-house attorneys.
Contact: State Bar of Michigan, (517) 372-9030
MN Minn. Ct. Admission to Bar. R. VI
Provides a one-year license for out-of-state corporate counsel.
Contact: Consumer Protection Committee,
(612) 333-1183
MS Case: Darby v. Mississippi 185 S. 2nd 864 (1966)
Miss. Code Ann. sect. 73-51-1; Miss. Code sect. 73-3-55; 97-23-43
Contact: Mississippi State Bar, (601) 948-4471
MO Mo. Sup. Ct. R. 8.105
Provides special license for in-house counsel relocating to MO.
Contact: Chief Disciplinary Counsel
(314) 635-7400
MT No corporate admission rule Contact: State Bar of Montana,
(406) 442-7660
NE No corporate admission rule.
Revised rule of Supreme Court of Nebraska (1996)
Governs admission of attorneys.
Contact: Nebraska State Bar,
(402) 475-7091
NV No corporate admission rule.
As long as the attorney is licensed, he/she can council. However, if the matter goes to court, the client must be represented by NV counsel.
Contact: State Bar of Nevada, Michael Warhola
(800) 254-2797
NH No response
To be updated
Contact: Ethics Committee, Joseph Kerrigan
(603) 883-5501
NJ N.J. Comm. on Unauthorized Practice of Law, Formal Op. 14 (1975).
In-house counsel working in NJ but not licensed in state not engaged in unauthorized practice of law.
Contact: Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics,
(609) 292-0694
NM Must be licensed member of the NM bar as of right now.
(case pending).
Contact: State Bar of NM,
Lee Brownfield
(505) 524-1788
Supreme Court, Santa Fe
(505) 287-4860
NY No corporate admission rule.
Judiciary Law, Article 15, Sections 478, 484, 495 govern unauthorized practice of law.
Contact: State Bar Association, Kent MiKnari
(518) 463-3200
Committee on Professional Ethics, Counsel,
Kathleen Baker
e-mail: [email protected]
NC State v. Pledger, 127 S.E. 2d 337 (1962)
Corporation may prepare document without license. (No rule or decision directly on point but In-house not held UPL.)
Contact: Ethics Committee,
(919) 828-4620
ND N.D. Sup. Ct. R.. 3, 11.1.
Limited admission of non-resident attorneys. Non-resident attorney may appear in court with an associate attorney licensed to practice law in N.D.
Contact: Ethics Committee,
(701) 328-2221
OH Ohio Gov. Bar R. VI, § 4
Allows corporate status registration.
Contact: Ohio State Bar Association,
(614) 487-2050
OK Okla. Stat. Ann. app. Tit. V, 6
Special temporary permit as long as in-house counsel works full time for corporation.
Contact: Legal Ethics Committee,
(405) 524-2365
OR No corporate admission rule.
OR position is that you must be licensed by OR to practice.
Contact: Oregon State Bar,
Jeff Wyatt
(503) 620-0222 ext. 365
PA Pa. Comm. on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility. InFormal Op. 86-63 (1986).
Non-resident attorney must retain local counsel to appear in court. No ethical prohibition from acting as general counsel.
Contact: Committee on Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility,
(717) 238-6715
RI No corporate admission rule.
See R.I. Code Ann., 11-27-1.
Contact: Ethics Advisory Panel, Elizabeth Dupree
(401) 222-3270
SC S.C. Sup. Ct. R. 405
Provides limited certificate of admission for in-house counsel.
Contact: SC Bar
(803) 799-6653
SD No corporate admission rule. Contact: State Bar of SD
(605) 224-7554
TN No corporate admission rule.
Must have a license to practice in Tennessee.
Contact: Board of Law Examiners
(615) 741-3234
TX No corporate admission rule. Contact: Steven Moyack
(512) 463-1463 ext. 2316
Ethics reporter:
UT No corporate admission rule. Contact: Utah State Bar,
Katherine Fox
(801) 531-9077
VT Vt. Comm. on Professional Responsibility, Formal Op. 90-2 (1990) Contact: Chairman,
Clark Gravel
(802) 658-0220
VA Va. Comm. on the Unauthorized Practice of Law, Formal Op. 160.
VA UPL Rules allows in-house counsel can do anything except go to court in which case, a licensed attorney must be hired.
Contact: VA State Bar,
Ann Mickey
(804) 775-0500
WA Rule pending amendment after April 1, 1998. Contact: Washington Bar Association,
Bob Welden
(206) 727-8232
WV W.Va. Sup. Ct. R. 8.0.
Must be licensed to practice in state. No exception for In-House counsel.
Contact: WV State Bar,
Tom Tinder
(304) 558-7993
WI W.I. Comm. on Professional Conduct, Formal Op. 95-2 (1995), 89-8 (1989), 83-5 (1983), 65-2 (1965). Contact: State Bar of WI,
Tom Watson
(608) 257-3838
Ethics Counsel,
Keith Kaap
(608) 629-5721
WY No corporate admission rule. Contact: WY State Bar, Tony Lewis (307) 632-9061

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