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Symposium Articles

Symposium Articles

Davis, Anthony E. , Multijurisdictional Practice by Transactional Lawyers-Why The Sky Really Is Falling

Jarvis, Peter R. , Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit: One Litigator’s View of Multijurisdictional Practice Issues and Related Policy Questions

Reynolds, William L. and Richman, William M. , Multi-Jurisdiction Practice and the Conflict of Laws

Creamer, Robert A. , Private Practitioner Issues with Multijurisdictional Law Practice in Litigation Matters

Lundy, Joseph R., Private Practitioner Problems with Multijurisdictional Law Practice in Transactional and Other Non-Litigation Matters

Attorneys’ Liability Assurance Society, Inc. , Statutes and Rules Limiting Multijurisdictional Law Practice from 51 United States Jurisdictions

Hackett, Susan, Multijurisdictional Practice Issues: An Overview of the Practical Impact as Seen by the American Corporate Counsel Association

American Corporate Counsel Association , States’ Corporate Counsel Admission Rules

American Corporate Counsel Association, et al., Motion for Leave to File Amicus Curiae Brief, Birbrower v. ESQ Business Services, No. 97-1798 (U.S., October 1997).

Working Draft, Proposed Rule 5.5 – Draft No. 3 (1/27/00) (Commission on the Evaluation of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct)

Working Draft, Proposed Rule 8.5 – Draft No. 2 (11/17/99) (Commission on the Evaluation of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct)


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