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Commission on Multijurisdictional Practice


Members | Reporter | Liaisons


Wayne J. Positan
Roseland, New Jersey


Alan T. Dimond

Miami, FL

Peter D. Ehrenhaft

Washington, DC

Joanne M. Garvey

San Francisco, CA

Stephen Gillers

New York, NY

W. Anthony Jenkins

Detroit, MI

Charles E. McCallum

Grand Rapids, MI

Cheryl I. Niro

Chicago, IL

Larry Ramirez

Las Cruces, NM

Hon. Randall T. Shepard

Indianapolis, IN

Marna S. Tucker

Washington, DC

Diane C. Yu

New York, NY


Bruce A. Green

New York, New York


Board of Governors

John L. McDonnell, Jr.

Oakland, CA

Standing Committee on Ethics & Professional Responsibility

M. Peter Moser
Baltimore, MD

Commission on Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct

Lucian T. Pera
Memphis, TN  

Standing Committee on Client Protection

James E. Towery
San Jose, CA

Standing Committee on Professional Discipline

Thomas A. Decker
Philadelphia, PA

National Conference of Bar Examiners

Erica Moeser
Madison, WI

Coordinating Council of the Center for Professional Responsibility

Burnele V. Powell
Kansas City, MO

American Corporate Counsel Association

Susan Hackett
Washington, DC

National Organization of Bar Counsel

William P. Smith, III
Atlanta, GA

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers

Anthony E. Davis
Denver, CO

Director, Center for Professional Responsibility

Jeanne P. Gray

Chicago, IL

Commission Counsel

John A. Holtaway