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Jordan K. Geotas Re: Multijurisdictional Practice - Center for Professional Responsibility

From: Jordan K. Geotas [ [email protected]]
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 12:39 PM
To: John.Holtaway
Cc: carrie.sherman
Subject: MJP

To whom it may concern:

I am an Arizona attorney who is delighted to hear that the current restraints on practicing law in states other than the one in which you are licensed might actually be eased. I wholeheartedly support MJP being made as easy as possible for attorneys licensed in states other than Arizona who would like to practice in Arizona (assuming they are in good standing in their own jurisdiction) and I hope I would receive the same treatment elsewhere. It seems like the world is changing fast now, and adopting MJP rules such as these would help the bar foundations change with the world rather than grow out of touch with it (of which lawyers and the legal system are often accused).

Why wouldn't attorneys be permitted to practice freely in a state in which they are not licensed?

Because they don't know local rules (procedural or substantive)? That is true of attorneys licensed in any given state who don't devote as much time and effort to learn an area of law before they start handling matters in that area. A good attorney will take the necessary time to become competent in any area of law before practicing in that area, regardless of whether learning "local" rules is part of that process, which is required under the ethical rules that govern us all.

Because we are worried about the competition? Guns and butter. Let the strong survive and the weak move on.

Because we don't want retirees practicing part-time? Even though I'm a young'n (practicing almost ten years), I welcome the wisdom of my elder colleagues and their clients probably will too.

On and on and on. It's time to let lawyers be treated like responsible professionals and handle legal matters anywhere in the country and put the burden on them to do it properly or be held accountable (including ethical reviews by their state's bar).

I hope this was of some help. Good luck in your decision-making process. Thank you for at least considering the MJP issue. Next up on the agenda, MDP's (I hope).

Jordan K. Geotas, Esq.
Logan & Geotas, PLC
[email protected]