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James William Freye Re: Multi-Jurisdictinal Practice - Center for Professional Responsibility

From: James William Freyer [ [email protected]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 1:22 PM
To: John.Holtaway
Subject: Multi-Jurisdictinal Practice


MJP's are fine, if the servicing attorney is knowledgeable of the laws and methods of each of the jurisdictions involved, if the attorney has been admitted to practice in each jurisdiction, and if the client is made aware of and consents to the potential problems which are inherent in seeking to know, apply, and enforce the laws in multiple jurisdictions.

It all seems a bit risky, especially for solos and small firms. It's tough enough to keep up with the statutes and case law in one state; to expect that an attorney will be competent in multi-jurisdictional matters appears to be somewhat optimistic. This is just one of the cases where multi-state firms have an inherent advantage.

Jim Freyer