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Editorial Board of the ABA /Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct


The ABA/Bloomberg Law Lawyers' Manual on Professional Conduct is a research and notification service, available by subscription. First published in 1984, it is the ABA's flagship publication on legal ethics. The Manual's mission is to provide authoritative ethics guidance to all practitioners. The publication offers over 130 chapters of in-depth analysis; full text of ABA ethics opinions, Model Rules, and Standards; summaries of ethics opinions issued by more than 60 state and local jurisdictions; and a current developments component providing the latest news and analysis of issues in the field of legal ethics. The Manual is published in partnership with the Bloomberg Industry Group. The Editorial Board comprises twelve distinguished legal ethics lawyers who meet yearly to review the publication's operations and to make non-binding recommendations to the ABA and Bloomberg Industry Group. Each entity appoints six members to the board.