October 05, 2011

House Of Delegates Resolution

Multi-Disciplinary Practice

adopted June 26, 1999

WHEREAS, the Special Committee on Multi-Disciplinary Practice and the Legal Profession ("Special Committee") was appointed to study the impact on the legal profession of accounting firms and other multi-disciplinary practice ("MDP") groups providing legal services, including the issues raised by such forms of practice and the effect of MDPs on clients, society, and the legal profession, and to formulate recommendations as to actions, if any, which the NYSBA should take to address these issues; and

WHEREAS, the NYSBA is concerned that changing existing legal and ethical rules to permit lawyers to practice law in MDPs will adversely and irreparably affect the independence and other fundamental principles of the legal profession; and

WHEREAS, to assist the Association in coming to an informed judgment regarding MDPs, the Special Committee has recommended further studies; it is

RESOLVED, that the Association hereby urges that studies such as those recommended by the Special Committee be undertaken by appropriate groups within the Association, and further authorizes the officers to take such steps as they deem warranted to facilitate such studies; and it is further

RESOLVED, that the NYSBA opposes any changes in existing regulations prohibiting attorneys from practicing law in MDPs, in the absence of a sufficient demonstration that such changes are in the best interest of clients and society and do not undermine or dilute the integrity of the delivery of legal services by the legal profession.